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Florida Legislative Insurance Updates You Should Know About

In a March press release issued by the Florida Senate, legislation aimed at reducing property insurance costs in Florida passed and included: 1-year insurance premium tax relief on flood policies written between 10/1/24...

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Why it May Make Sense to Have An Elevation Certificate When it Comes to Flood Insurance

Flood insurance isn't required on all homes, but in a storm-prone state like Florida, it's always a safe bet to secure it. The price of the policy is a bargain compared to the cost of damage that can occur from...

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Why is My Home Insurance Premium So Different From My Neighbor's?

Home insurance rate fluctuations are making the news weekly it seems - especially here in Florida. Many private insurers are fleeing the state and Citizens is working to offload some of their client roster and get back...

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Easy Ways to Protect Your Home While on Holiday Trips

Tis the season for going on vacation! It's important to be able to relax while you're gone and part of that includes preparing your home properly for your extended departure. Of course, you don't want to worry about...

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What Does it Mean if Your Home Has Cast Iron Piping?

Nearly 40% of Florida homes were built before 1975 - and if yours one of them, it's very likely that you have cast iron plumbing under your foundation. It is estimated that cast iron pipes can last up to 80-100 years,...

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