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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Florida is well known for its attractive beaches and bodacious marshes- who wouldn't love to live where every day is a vacation? Unfortunately, with the luxury of being a peninsula state also comes the caution we must take because of hurricanes. 

Due to the hurricanes Florida is known to experience, many homes have gone the extra step by purchasing back-up generators to assist in a power outage. Any Floridian can tell you how the air conditioner can be a necessity in the hot and humid months of summer and hurricane season.

Have you ever wondered what to do if your generator, air conditioner, or even pool pump had a loss and was no longer reliable as it once was due to an internal mishap?

 Considering equipment breakdown coverage may be the choice you ought to lean towards. Equipment breakdown coverage is an endorsement to a homeowners insurance policy that will cover personal equipment in the event of a mechanical or electrical breakdown. The exact equipment types that are covered can vary, but generally includes back-up generators, swimming pool equipment, air conditioning/heating units, and well pumps. Regular warranties on equipment only last so long and most will only cover certain parts at time of loss, which can be frustrating if it is a very costly piece of equipment!

 It is important to be aware of what would and would not be covered with equipment breakdown coverage. For example, general wear and tear is not covered by insurance. There are different life expectancies for different pieces of equipment, and insurance companies do expect that homeowners are responsible for ensuring that the equipment is maintained and in good condition. Just as we must make sure our vehicles get oil changes and tire rotations every so often to prevent damage, it is important to upkeep your equipment for the best performance out of its intended function. 

Are you considering whether equipment breakdown coverage will suit your needs? Contact us and we can help you determine if this coverage is right for you.