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Let Us Put YOU in the Best Position to Succeed!

2020 is a special year for so many reasons, one of which being it is a Leap Year!! Looking ahead at the rest of the year, it is clear that Leap Year is truly looking out for us - Valentine’s Day was on a Friday, Cinco de Mayo is on a Tuesday, the 4th of July is on a Saturday, Halloween is on a Saturday, Christmas is on a Friday, and New Year’s will start with a 3-day weekend; thanks Leap Year!  

Since Leap Year is clearly looking out for us all in 2020, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you how WE are looking out for YOU. Team Wren is committed to protecting you more than EVER this year, and we want you to know that we have your back. For over 40 years Team Wren has been a confident place to turn to in times of trouble, and we have helped protect thousands of individuals, families, and businesses throughout our community. As an independent agent we can put you in the best position to succeed by representing the top companies available and advocating for our clients to get the best options possible. We are committed to building long-term relationships and continue to keep our clients as our top priority agency wide. With a dedicated team of over a dozen members, we are here for you 

Feel free to contact us and learn how we can help put you in the best position to succeed this year.

(P.S. thanks Leap Year 😉)