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The Truth About "Full Coverage"

The definition of “Full Coverage” can vary depending on what website you look at. Some define it as a combination of Bodily Injury liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. Others say it’s the state minimum...

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Understanding the Basics of Umbrella Insurance

Most people know that having home and auto insurance is crucial so that you can be protected should an incident occur. But what happens if the incident exceeds the liability limitations of your home or auto policy? This...

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What is an Insurance Adjuster?

Have you ever heard the phrase “it takes a village to settle a claim”? Me neither, but it’s definitely true! There are many different people involved in the insurance process, especially when it comes to processing a...

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Condominium Insurance: Who is Responsible for What?

When insuring a single family home, it is obvious who holds the responsibility for the property. But condominiums, with their entangled mix of public and private spaces, make determining who should be held accountable...

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