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What's Covered In a Four Point Inspection and Why Do I Need It?

You may need a four point inspection on homes over 30 years old in order for insurance companies to cover the risk. This is often part of the underwriting requirements for older homes and helps provide proof that the property is eligible for coverage. Otherwise, the insurance company will do their own exterior or interior inspection and may end up cancelling the policy later. A four point is a limited visual inspection for components the insurance company may find unsafe or problematic.

The four point inspection focuses on these four areas:

-HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

-Electrical wiring and panels

-Plumbing connections and fixtures


Inspectors will look at these four points and assess their condition. They will do this by determining if they are installed correctly and their remaining functional life. The inspector will look for visible hazards in the heating and air conditioning unit. For the plumbing, the inspector will look for evidence of leaks, missing components, rusting along pipes, and the type of piping. On the roof the inspector will look for missing roof shingles, defects, patched repairs, evidence of leakage, and premature aging.  If the house has lifting shingles, exposed wires, or any needed repairs, the home will be seen as ineligible.

Although the insurance companies have conditions for eligibility, there are often ways to work with the insurance underwriters and most have exceptions. For example, some carriers will accept a signed contract from a licensed contractor with a 30 day time frame for the repairs. If there is a way, we will find it and if not we will list what needs to be done and your options. We are the front-line underwriters.

If in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to get a four point inspection. This can prevent cancellation down the road and a good inspection will help open up other options with carriers.

If you ever need a four point inspection, we recommend Honor Construction of Brevard. Their contact is 321-327-2950 or contact [at] honorconstruction [dot] com