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Let Us Protect Your Valentine's Day!

On this national day devoted to love, not too many people are thinking about insurance…but we are! This week, we want to help you understand the importance of insurance on Valentine’s Day and how it might play a role in your holiday this year.   

Homeowner’s Insurance

  • Whether you are having a night out or a night in, your homeowner’s insurance could become a factor in your Valentine’s Day celebrations. You remember that lovely meal-for-2 idea that you had? Where you and your loved one cook together, in matching aprons, sipping wine and looking into each other’s eyes? Now imagine that same scenario with a busted water pipe or accidental kitchen fire…not quite the same image, right? Although Team Wren hopes this DOESN’T happen to you, we want you to be able to know that you are protected if it does.

Auto Insurance 

  • Valentine’s Night is typically a busy night out depending on the area you live in (which means if you haven’t made a reservation yet, you might be out of luck), and this can make traffic less than enjoyable. The combination of busy roads, speeding to make reservations, drinking at and after dinner, and the distraction of either love or heartbreak can easily become the making of a tragic evening. Injury and accident lawyers have even suggested that the high emotional levels that come with this day of love can cause intense road rage as well. Needless to say, choosing to drive safely and protected with the right insurance can make all the difference. 

Identity Theft Insurance

  • Going out for a nice dinner, a movie date, or even a drink or two is very common on Valentine’s Day – not to mention the last-minute running around for chocolates and flowers 😉. This means that your credit card will most likely be used at multiple places, and it is a prime night for your credit card numbers to be stolen or hacked. On top of these risks, this time of year is also one of the most popular times for identity theft, scams, and even virtual identity theft. This is why it is so important to consider adding identity theft protection to your homeowner’s policy if available to you. 

Jewelry Insurance

  • We learned a lot about the jewelry industry in last week’s blog; however, we did not discuss the importance of protecting your jewelry! When looking to insure your Valentine’s Day gifts, there are two ways to go about it. The first, is to schedule the gift as an insured item on your personal property coverage listed in your homeowner’s policy. This form of coverage does not necessarily cover all items or all circumstances; however, it would be wise to speak to your agent to discuss your options here first. The second, is to get a separate inland marine policy to protect your item. This separate insurance policy would not protect sentimental value; however, vintage pieces of sentimental value often also hold some monetary value. Both of these forms of coverage would require you to get a professional appraisal, take photographs, and contact your agent to determine what next steps must be taken. 

Who knew that insurance could play such a key role in your Valentine’s Day?! If you find yourself with questions regarding any of your policies or any of the policies discussed here please feel free to contact us! We LOVE protecting you <3