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Why "Cheap" Insurance Can Be Your Most Expensive Mistake

The skyrocketing cost of home insurance has been a recurring headline in the news recently - especially here in Florida. For a wide variety of reasons, many insurance companies are either drastically increasing their...

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The Painful Reality of Assessing Owners for Insurance Increases: What Can your Association Do?

Typically, Condo Boards set their annual budgets well in advance and make them transparent to unit owners prior to the beginning of the new year. That budget usually includes an estimated amount for insurance based on...

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Renting Out Your Home or Condo Unit? Be Aware of Statutes and Insurance Issues That May Affect You.

Short and long-term rentals are big business in Florida, from daily rentals for vacationers to snowbird seasonal rentals and annual leases, HOAs, cities and municipalities each have their own rules pertaining to rental...

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