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We're In It For The Long Haul

We value integrity. I know, I know, you may be thinking, “EVERY business says one of their values is integrity. What makes you any different?” Well, I am glad you asked! Integrity goes beyond our ethics. describes integrity as “doing the right thing in a reliable way”. I love that definition! We want to be honest and up-front with you and build long-term relationships, so you can rely on us. The team at Wren Insurance is dedicated to taking care of you by seeking to meet your personal protection needs. We will not over-sell you by adding coverage you don’t need or under-sell you by focusing on price just to get the sale. We seek to learn about your particular needs as best as we can so that we can seek to offer the most accurate protection.

We are here for you, long-term. We do the hard work up front BEFORE placing your coverage to find out about your home, auto, flood, umbrella, landlord, boat, and business insurance needs. Then, we look at our extensive list of companies and compare coverage and price for your protection needs. We won’t just bind a policy unless we know that it is going to be in your best interest. This might mean requesting inspections and additional documents up front from you in an effort to make the process easier for you! The more information we have up front, the less likely the carrier will cancel you down the road. We are here for you LONG term, not just to make a quick sale and we prove that by our extensive research and advice, no matter if you buy a policy or not.

We are dedicated to providing reliable and friendly service to YOU for the long haul. Contact us today to learn more about our level of integrity in our service.