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Give The Gift of Protection

Looking for a unique gift idea this holiday season? Life insurance policies might be just the thing you are looking for. Here are some reasons that life insurance could make the absolute perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones this coming holiday.

#1. Unique Options

  • When shopping for life insurance you have a couple of different options. The two most common types are Term, and Whole. Term life insurance protects the insured for a chosen period of time. Terms can be as short as 1-year and as long as 20-years and is the more affordable option compared to a permanent life insurance policy. Some term life insurance policies provide the flexibility to convert to a more permanent form of coverage when deemed necessary. Whole life insurance is just what it sounds like: a life insurance policy that covers you your WHOLE life. These policies have set premiums and even hold the potential to build up cash value over time. 

#2. Peace of Mind

  • Life insurance policies protect both your present and your future. This gift would give the recipient the peace of mind of knowing that if the unexpected were to occur, them and their loved ones will be financially secure. Life insurance enables you to confidently pursue your future knowing that you and your loved ones have a protected future. Gifting this sense of protection is something that will be remembered and valued.

#3. Lifelong Protection

  • When gifting a life insurance policy to a child, they hold what is known as guaranteed insurability. In other words, when one receives the gift of life insurance at an early age they are essentially protected from a time in their future when establishing a life insurance policy may not be as simple or as easy due to medical or financial reasons. Furthermore, lifelong insurance options provide protection for future scenarios that many fail to realize. For example, some life insurance policies can be utilized in retirement, for charity, and even for future college tuition and mortgage payments. 

#4. Affordability for All

  • Life insurance policies are not as expensive as you may think. In fact, this gift might cost you less than your original Christmas gift plans might have. Not only are there affordable options for you, but by purchasing life insurance at a younger age one can take advantage of locked-in rates. When shopping for life insurance, it is important to realize that life insurance premiums will be more affordable if purchased at a younger, healthier, age. In other words, purchasing life insurance earlier in life is ultimately much more cost effective. 

Shopping for Christmas gifts can sometimes be stressful, and the never-ending search to find a unique present is all that much more stressful. Insurance is protection, and life insurance is the key to steadying one’s future. This year, give the gift of lifelong protection.