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Do You Have a Smart Home? There Are Discounts For That.

I love technology. I have a Smart Phone, a Smart TV, and I hope I get a Smart Watch from my wife for Christmas!

Though I wouldn’t say I have a “Smart Home”, many of us have a "smarter" Home than we may realize.

Consider the following home safety features that technology now makes possible:

  • Cameras that enable you to monitor every room in your house in real time while you’re at work or on vacation.
  • Front door video monitor so you can “answer” the door and communicate with a visitor via video conferencing. This allows a guest to think you are home, but you could be “answering” the door from another location.
  • Biologically activated doorknobs that remember up to 100 handprints - and remain locked for everyone else.
  • Bio-activated safes and safe rooms
  • Wireless security systems managed with automatic notification of law enforcement in the event of a breach.

Also consider these neat household features you can now manage from your phone or computer:

  • Manage your thermostat
  • Manage your DVR
  • Warm up the hot tub or turn on your pool lights
  • Start a fire (fire place!)

What Does This Have To Do With Insurance?

If you install any of these features in your home, we want to hear about it! Not only because they're cool, but because some of these technologies may entitle you to homeowners insurance discounts.

Contact us today to review your Smart Home and the discounts you may be able to receive!