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Team Member Spotlight: Dennisse Caban-Cintron

Have you ever wondered what Team Wren is ACTUALLY like? Maybe you've tried to put a face with the name, or perhaps a personality to the voice you are so used to hearing over the phone? Well, Team Wren Spotlights allow...

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Don't Miss Your Chance to Buy Flood Insurance!

In the insurance world, a “flood” is typically defined as “rising water”. And unfortunately, flooding is excluded from most homeowners insurance policies. To protect yourself from rising waters, you will need a separate...

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What is an Actuary?

From previous articles, we know that insurance companies are accepting certain levels of risk when extending coverage to a client, so certain parameters are put in place to ensure they can cover the costs of any...

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Hurricane Preparedness for Condo Associations

Spring is right around the corner and while we are most likely ready to enjoy warm weather and light breezes, it won’t be too long until we head straight into hurricane season. Floridians are often the envy of many...

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