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How to Prepare for a Wind Mitigation Inspection

A Wind Mitigation is required by the insurance underwriter to confirm or deny the existence of wind resistant features of a home that will enable the home to hold up better during a storm.

A wind mitigation inspection should take about 30 minutes to a hour.  The inspector will come to your home and evaluate your shingles, roof decking, roof to wall connection, roof permitting, shutters, roof shape and if you have a secondary water barrier.

It is important to understand that your inspector does not make any decisions on what credits you will obtain.  The inspector can only mark what he can photograph and document.  They are merely an information collector.

A diligent search of the public records is conducted to locate and document the last roofing permit on file.  Many times, the proper authorities do not have the records we are searching for.  The files are damaged, missing or simply not there.  One local jurisdiction lost all of its records in a fire.  KEEP YOUR PAPERWORK.

You should be prepared to provide any and all documents including permitting information you have related to your home (to include:  Roof, Windows, Doors, Shutters and Garage Doors)

Your inspector will need to look at your shutters (if you have any).  He/She is looking to document the fact that they are “rated” or stamped that they are tested for Large Missle Impact or for use in the HVHZ (high velocity hurricane zone).

Your inspector will need access to/in all attics.  This is very important!  Sometimes one of the only discounts you may qualify for will be how your roof is connected to the walls.  If  the inspector can’t see it, he/she can’t photograph it, and then you can’t get a discount for it. 

If you have had a prior wind inspection, let the inspector know and provide a copy if possible.  This will help him help you and your insurance agent make decisions on what is best for you and your policy.

The inspector will need to photograph all 4 sides of your home.  Be prepared!  Is it free of clutter or in dis-repair?  Remember these pictures are going to your insurance underwriter.  They should document that you are maintaining your home properly.

Finally, if you have concerns or questions or feel something just isn’t right.  Call!  Reach out to the inspector and express your concerns.  Just understand that he wants to see you obtain lower insurance rates just as much as you do.  Lower insurance rates make you happy which makes him happy!  So, work together with your inspector and agent to gather all proper documentation to ensure an accurate inspection.

Michelle Shishilla - Honor Construction Inspection Service