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2020 Hurricane Season Is Over!

Hurricane season is officially over for us now that it is December! What does that mean for your insurance exactly? Well, it means that now is the time to explore your various insurance policies and ensure that you are well prepared for hurricane season 2021 – yes, we are looking that far ahead! Preparing for the next hurricane season isn’t always as simple as just calling your insurance agent to make sure everything is A-Okay; often times, preparing for the upcoming storm season includes filing claims from damages inflicted from the past hurricane season, hiring an adjuster to come analyze the damage, getting home and/or roof inspections, hiring roofers, restoration workers, or general contractors to come fix the damage, and so on and so forth. All of these processes take time, and the closer we get to hurricane season 2021, which begins June 1st, the more difficult it can be to find the coverage you need before the storms arrive. Most insurance companies close their markets when a named storm is set to arrive in a specific area, and some policies even have waiting periods before and after their issue date.

Here are some quick tips that you can take advantage of now before the next big storms arrive:

  • Explore whether or not you have Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value coverage.
  • Find out what your home, auto, and other such policy actually covers. Many times, we assume contents or certain perils are covered when in reality they require additional coverage.
  • Talk to your agent about Flood Insurance and Sewer Back-Up coverage.
  • Shop for hurricane essentials and build Preparedness Kits now; stock up now and beat the rush!

2020 threw 30 named storms at us which set a new record, and 2021 is predicted to be a record setter as well – do not let our next storm creep up on you; get prepared now.