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What is Umbrella Insurance and Who Needs It?

Home and auto insurance policies typically come with a minimal level of liability coverage to pay for things like property damage or bodily injury. But, average coverage levels aren't enough to handle much more than...

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How to Avoid Common Holiday-Related Homeowners Insurance Claims

It may seem like an odd time of year to be worried about home insurance claims, but the holidays introduce a whole new variety of possible challenges that could result in an unexpected claim, so it's best to be prepared...

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Are Your Vehicles Covered for Hurricane or Weather-Related Damage?

Most of us have car insurance but do you know if you're covered for a major wind event such as a hurricane? Or flooding? How about theft? While your home insurance policy does cover most of your property's "contents,"...

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What Does Your Association Insurance Actually Cover?

If you currently live in an owners' association in Florida or are thinking about investing in one, it's important to understand what type of insurance policy the community has and what type you will personally need to...

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Should I Consider Self-Insuring My Home?

Right now, there is a lot of negative news out there about home insurance companies. Insurance carriers are leaving Florida in droves - from Farmers to Bankers to Lexington. And those that remain are steadily increasing...

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