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Steps to Safe Travel for a Sun-Filled Summer

We are a few weeks into summer, and the beautiful sunny weather has us excited to travel! We’ve compiled a list of tips to keep you and your family safe during your summer travels.

  1. Review your insurance policies prior to setting off on your trip.
    1. What are your coverages and limitations?
    2. Is the information up-to-date, including vehicles and drivers?
    3. Do you have roadside assistance in case of mechanical issues?
    4. Does your policy cover a car rental if you are an accident and still need to get home?
    5. What are the deductibles for your home & auto policies?  
  2. Stay safe on the road
    1. According to the National Safety Council, 1 in 4 accidents involves cell phone use! Keep your eyes on the road and leave it to your passengers to check the map and be the DJ 😊
    2. Do not wait until ‘E’ to fill up on gas! It can be several miles before you pass a gas station, so be sure to fuel up so you are not left stranded on the side of the road.
    3. Know your auto policy’s liability and property damage limits, and have a physical or digital copy of your auto insurance with you. 
  3. Protecting Your Home
    1. Take steps to ensure your home does not look vacant. Something as simple as a car in the driveway, outdoor lights or a few lights on inside can deter a potential burglar!
    2. Review the limits for theft on your homeowner’s insurance. Items such as jewelry, furs, guns, personal documents, and money may need to be safeguarded with an additional policy.
    3. Turn off the water at the main. This way, you will not return to a flooded home if a pipe bursts!
    4. Have someone you trust come by and check on your home, especially if you plan to be away for more than 2 weeks!

We hope these tips can put you at ease for your summer get-aways! Have questions about your policies or coverages? Contact us today!