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Everyone Has A Story... Here's Mine!

For me, it all began in 2005 after I graduated the University of Connecticut. After growing up in a small town my entire life, I wanted a change and what better time to start! I decided to move to Florida for the warm weather.

In September 2005, I drove to Melbourne Florida, moved into my apartment and knew I needed to find a career. I drove up and down Wickham and US 1 aimlessly looking at places of interest, of course getting lost at each corner along the way! We do not have these medians and four lane roads up north!

After several random visits and calls, I noticed a bright-colored Allstate building on Wickham and gave them a call (since I ran out of my printed resumes). I was lucky enough that they offered an interview for the following day and I got the job! I loved the ever-changing insurance industry, the challenges the position brought, and the interaction with each carrier, co-worker and client. I found my “meant to be” career choice! I worked at that agency for over 5 years. I wanted to keep growing with the industry and individually as an insurance agent.

I was given an opportunity with Wren Insurance Agency over 6 years ago! I have been fortunate enough to continuously grow with the Agency - as an insurance agent, and now as a manager. I have gained valuable relationships along the way with our ever-growing team, realtors, and clients.

I am extremely grateful for all the experiences that I have come across within the insurance industry. I love to help others that have questions on this aspect of our lives that is so important. Thanks for reading!