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What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection and Why Do I Need One?

If you have ever purchased and insured a home, you are likely familiar with the various inspections involved in the process. One of the most important and common of these inspections is called a Wind Mitigation...

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Deconstructing Your Auto Insurance: Don't Lose Out by Not Having Uninsured Motorist Coverage!

When we think of auto insurance and its purpose, generally the first thing that comes to mind is paying for damage or injuries you cause to someone else. It is thought of as a form of protection to prevent an unforeseen...

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What is an Underwriter?

When extending coverage to a client, insurance companies are agreeing to provide financial compensation if the client experiences an event resulting in filing a claim for damages or loss. While the future event may not...

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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Florida is well known for its attractive beaches and bodacious marshes- who wouldn't love to live where every day is a vacation? Unfortunately, with the luxury of being a peninsula state also comes the caution we must...

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New Year's Resolution Success

The start of the new year often marks the start of New Year's resolutions and new goals. According to, the top 3 New Year's resolutions are to lose weight, to get organized, and to save more/spend...

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