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Direct vs. Independent Agents: What is the Difference?

When shopping for insurance, most people know to start by finding an agent. But what if you don’t know what kind of agent will meet your needs? That’s why it is important to explore the difference between direct agents and independent agents to determine which one is the best fit for you.

Direct agents, also referred to as “captive” agents, are essentially employees of the insurance company. People who go straight to the insurance company for a policy will work with a direct agent of that company. These agents have one specific company that they work for and can only offer policies from that company. While they may be able to find you the best price within their company, they do not have the ability to compare that price across different companies to find you the best possible rate. Additionally, if the company chooses to cancel or non-renew your policy, you may have to go to another insurance company altogether.

Here at Wren Insurance Agency, we are independent agents. Unlike direct agents, independent agents have the ability to offer policies from multiple different insurance companies. Because they are not tied to one company, independent agents work in the best interest of their clients, regardless of the insurance company. One major benefit to working with an independent agent is that they have the ability to research different policies and rates across several companies, increasing your chances of finding an affordable policy that fits your needs. If you find that your current insurance company cancels or chooses not to renew your policy, you get to stay with your insurance agency as they help you find a policy with another company.

While purchasing insurance may be a stressful process, knowing there are skilled professionals helping you through it can make it easier. Have any questions about this or anything insurance related? Be sure to contact us today!