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Wedding Insurance for your Big Day

Wedding insurance is the combination of love and financially backed planning for a day when there are so many things that need to go right. Wedding days can easily go haywire, so having that extra peace of mind can go a long way. Here are a few of the things a wedding insurance policy may cover for you:

  • Wedding venue cancellation
  • Damage to wedding party attire
  • Damage to wedding flowers, cake, or gifts
  • Injury or illness to the bride or groom
  • Deposits made for vendors and services
  • Liquor liability against third parties

These are just a few of the possible issues that could arise at a wedding. When planning your special day, make sure to take into account that there is no such thing as the perfect wedding, and sometimes the little mishaps that happen are the best part…especially if they’re insured!

Wedding insurance policies are relatively inexpensive, typically starting at only a few hundred dollars. So if you or someone you know is planning their big day, be sure to contact us to review wedding insurance options!