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Owning Your Homeowner's Insurance

Looking into homeowner’s insurance? We understand that this can be a confusing and frightening path; however, getting a quote (with us), is much simpler than most people realize! Here is the information that you will need in order to receive quote for your home:

  • Home Address
  • Personal Information
    • Name, contact info, number of residents, (etc.)
  • Inspections
    • Wind mitigation, 4-point inspection, (etc.) 

Yes, these are the only three things required to get you started (I told you it was easy)! Following the gathering of this information, your agent may ask for some additional information in order to assist in the quotes being as accurate as possible. Such things could include:

  • Do you have dogs? If so, what breed are they?
  • Do you have a trampoline in the backyard?
  • Do you have any prior claims?
  • Do you have a pool? If so, does this pool have a diving board? Slide? 

Homeowner’s insurance is SO important when it comes to keeping you and your loved ones safe and sound amidst life’s storms. Nobody wants to think about the possibility of devastation; however, it is so critical that we all take this possibility into consideration. What if damage is inflicted on your property and you don’t have homeowner’s insurance? Are you prepared for that kind of financial hardship? In worst-case scenarios, you may lose your entire investment and be forced to rebuild from the ground up. In these moments, knowing that you have an insurance agency that you can depend on to protect you is essential.

Remember, we have a dedicated sales team willing and ready to answer all of your questions and ease all of your concerns. Please feel free to call, text, or email us and we can help you take that first step in insuring your home ?