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Back To School: Ready or not?

As fall approaches, we notice more changes occur than just the colors of leaves (with the exception of Florida of course!). Fall means your children are returning to school, maybe going off to college, or there may be new teen driver in the household. While you prepare for the back to school routine and purchasing school supplies, don’t forget to inform your insurance agent of the many changes occurring in your household. Let Wren Insurance Agency take care of your back to school insurance review!  

Auto Insurance

Do you have a newly licensed teen driver in your home? Are you nervous to see your new automobile rates with a youthful driver added?  Thankfully we have some helpful tips that can alleviate your stress and keep your premium down. Many carriers offer a ‘good student’ discount. If your son or daughter maintains a B average or higher, they qualify! Also, many schools offer a driver’s education course. If your child has passed this course or taken a ‘drive safe cars’ class, there are ‘safe driver’ discounts available. Be sure to inform your agent if your child qualifies for these discounts.  

You should also inform your agent if your child is going away to college. This way, your agent can review the different options available to you depending on your child’s circumstances. Whether your son or daughter is attending the local University or going to an out-of-state college, you will have different options to review.  

Home Insurance

We are often asked if your child’s belongings will be covered while they are away at college. Typically your homeowners insurance provides up to 10% of your personal property coverage for property owned by an insured that is at a residence other than the insured’s. Our agents will be glad to review your homeowners insurance policy to be sure this coverage will apply to your child living on campus. If they are renting an apartment off campus they may need to purchase a separate renters policy for personal property and liability coverage.  Renters insurance can be very affordable and our agents can help you determine which option best fits you and your children’s needs.

All of us at Wren Insurance Agency look forward to hearing from you to review your current insurance and the inevitable changes that are to come!