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Get to Know Beth!!

You may have noticed a new face floating around our social media pages…that’s our newest team member Beth Ritter! Beth is one of our Commercial Producers and the fifth member of our growing commercial team. She is experienced and excited about joining this team, so we already know what an incredible asset she is going to be for our agency! Since we are loving having her around, we thought you all might love to get to know her too!

Beth has lived here in Florida for over 30 years, so she is very knowledgeable when it comes to the market of the Sunshine State. She graduated from Indian River State College in 2009 and has been working hard ever since! She has over five years of sales experience and truly feels that educating consumers to help them find the proper products and services to meet their needs is her niche in the business world. She has had many close family members and friends find their own success in the insurance field, so she has been exposed to the industry before and is very excited to get involved in in herself. Beth was previously working in the business technology field and she believes that her previous experience and great success in the sales sector has prepared her for this position, (and so do we)!

Here are some more fun facts about Beth to help you get to know her even better!

What is your favorite thing about your new job?: “The people I work with!”

Personality Type?: INFJ

Favorite Color?: Yellow

Starbuck’s Order?: Café Americano

What is your favorite hobby outside of work?: Singing in the car

What is your favorite TV show?: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Favorite Quote?: “Doers love Mondays.” ~Anonymous

What is your favorite food?: Ice Cream

3 Things You Can’t Live Without: Coffee, Music & Nature

Hidden Talent?: Parallel Park

Something that not many people know about you: “I’m constantly coming up with new business ideas.”

Who is your role model and why?: Sarah Blakely “Because we are just very aligned in our beliefs and outlooks on business…She’s a mom of four, and the founder of Spanks without a business plan or any professional help…She gives great advice to up and coming entrepreneurs.”

Android or iPhone?: “Android all the way.”

Unpopular Opinions?: “I don’t like name brand things. I don’t believe teenager should have social media or smartphones. I don’t like rollercoasters.”