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Storm Prep Kit!

With storms approaching us, the feeling of hurricane season seems to just now be hitting home for many of us. Whether you have been prepared for this year’s storms for months or you just now starting your storm preparations today, we are here to help ensure you are as prepared and protected as possible! A huge component of being prepared before a storm hits us is building your at-home Storm-Prep Kit. Perhaps you have built one in the past or have one in your home/garage currently, or perhaps you’ve never considered building on at all! No matter where you find yourself today, these tips can help make sure you are prepared for this year’s storms by having all the essentials prepared ahead of time:

  • Food & Water
    • It is always a good idea to stock up on some dietary essentials, as well as bottled or other filtered water before a storm arrives. Ensuring that you have enough food and water stocked up for each individual in your house for at least a week or two.
  • Digital Copies of Important Documentation
    • Getting your hands on some digital copies of your most important paperwork, such as your insurance policies and other such records, is a very important step when preparing for a storm. The type of storms we often see bring a lot of water, moisture, and even intense flooding so digital is always best.
  • Batteries and Electronic Devices
    • Storing extra batteries to power necessary devices as well as purchasing the proper electronic devices, such as mobile phones, can be very helpful in emergency situations. Another great addition to any supply kit is a portable charger to ensure that your devices never lose their juice!
  • Flashlight
    • So many of us are so used to utilizing the flashlight on the back of our phones, that we forget what owning an actual flashlight is even like! Be sure to run out and grab a few if you can before the storms arrive!
  • First-Aid Kit
    • Injuries are common in storms and/or evacuating, and having the proper medical supplies to treat a wound can be detrimentally important. This is an easy item to customize to fit your needs and concerns.
  • Whistle
    • Not many of us consider this a key component of our kits; however, whistles have been known to save lives when people get trapped by debris and/or water or other natural substances and require medical attention.
  • Masks
    • In the time that we live in now, this should be an obvious! But COVID-19 aside, storing masks in your kit in case of a substance leak, airborne debris particles, and/or harmful mold and mildew can help protect you and your loved ones.
  • Wipes
    • You should always have disinfecting wipes, alcohol wipes, and moist-towelettes in your stored kit. Such items can help with cleaning wounds, surface/living spaces, as well as be utilized for hygiene in case of power outages.
  • Prescriptions
    • Storing a package of your prescriptions is so essential when packing your kit! Be sure to take an inventory of what prescription and nonprescription medications each individual in your home would require if evacuation or at-home storm weathering were to occur. This can include oral medications, inhalers, or even necessary vitamins or other such dietary supplements.
  • Children
    • Children may have their own unique physical and emotional health needs that need to be planned for. Be sure to have the proper entertainment/distraction tools for them, as well as any specific health additions they may require.
  • Pets
    • We could never forget our furry friends!! If you have pets you need to make sure to have extra food and water packed up for them as well. It might even be good to purchase an extra leash, collar, vest, tank, or whatever other supplies your pets may need, and purchase them as duplicates to place in your kit for the time of a storm.
  • Cash
    • ATM’s often are unavailable when hurricanes and other major storms arrive, so ensuring that you have some extra cash on hand can be beneficial in case of an emergency.
  • Gas
    • We all know to fill up our gas tanks before a storm arrives; however, not all of us fill up extra gas cans in an effort to prepare for the worst. If you have some extra gas cans laying around, or can get your hands on some, fill them up!

We realize that not everyone will require every item listed here; however, many of the items listed are essential to being prepared for the storms ahead! This is why it is so important to take a needs inventory and customize your Storm-Supply Prep Kit to what you and your loved ones need to remain safe before, during, and directly after a storm. The less often we are forced to utilize our storm kits the better; however, if you do utilize your kit during or after a storm hits be sure to reassess and replenish supplies where needed.