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Hurricane Season 2022: What Should I Include in My Emergency Supply Kit?

Florida is undeniably a beautiful state to live in, but with that beauty comes a tradeoff: dealing with hurricanes and tropical storms. The best way to keep yourself and your family safe is to have a predefined ...

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Hurricane Season 2022: Crafting an Emergency Plan

When news hits that a storm is approaching, anxiety levels begin to rise and everyone begins rushing to prepare. While experts usually issue warnings of storms days in advance, you may need to evacuate quickly and do...

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Hurricane Season 2022: How to Begin Preparing

The Atlantic Hurricane Season lasts from June 1st - November 30th and can have a lot of Floridians on edge! After all, hurricanes are dangerous and can cause extensive damage from the storm surges, wind damage, and...

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Monitored Alarm Discounts: Are You Eligible?

With the rising cost of homeowners insurance, we are all looking for ways to save, even if it's a small discount. In recent years, technology such as doorbell cameras and security systems have been becoming more easily...

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