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Hurricane Preparedness

It's official - Hurricane Season is here! For those that have lived in Florida for many years, it may take a Category 2 or 3 storm to get you concerned, but new residents have no idea how to prepare for this level of...

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Insuring Your "Summer Toys"

Summer's here and it's time to pull out your summer toys and enjoy this gorgeous tropical Florida weather! Whether you plan to take your boat or jet skis out on the Indian River, show off a shiny new golf cart on your...

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Why Realtors Should Have a Personal Relationship With Their Home Insurance Partner

In trying to provide a personalized level of service to each of my clients (and be a memorable realtor that they will rely on for many years to come), it's always important that each one see me as a trusted resource for...

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What To Do If You Think You Might Have Roof Damage

Hurricane Season is nearly here, and as long-time Floridians know, having the right level of insurance is critical. After a hurricane (or most recently, a hail event - both considered "Acts of God" in insurance language)...

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How to Reduce Your Insurance Premium

Many of us are seeing significant (and surprising) increases to our home insurance premiums today, but you may not know what you can do about it! If you plan on replacing your roof soon, that can help reduce your...

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