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My New Year’s Resolution Is…To Get in Shape!

Here it is...the most common resolution for ANY time of year. So many of us want to exercise more, eat healthier, and take care of ourselves better in 2020. While Team Wren might be full of insurance experts, we thought...

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My New Year’s Resolution Is…To Read More!

This is a very common new year’s goal for many of us. Between Netflix, Hulu, and reality TV, we are more than digitally entertained. If your goal is to slip in a book in between your tweeting and your scrolling, here...

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My New Year's Resolution Is...To Learn Something New!

As 2020 completes its second week, I wonder how many of us are sticking to our resolutions...Well, if your resolution was to learn something new this year then you are in luck, because Team Wren is going to help you out...

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My New Year’s Resolution Is…To Save Money!

If there is one resolution that can apply to everyone, it is this: to be wise with our monetary gain. No matter what your financial status is or what you plan it to be for 2020, it is so essential to budget your money...

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My New Year’s Resolution Is…To Get Ahead of Things Early This Year!

2020 is finally here! This year’s goals seem to outweigh others as not only is this the start of a new year, but the start of a new decade. With this opportunity for a fresh start at the forefront of everyone’s minds,...

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