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How I Got Into Insurance

Whenever I meet fellow insurance professionals for the first time, I always ask them how they got into the insurance business. It’s a fun question because of the wide range of answers people share. The interesting thing...

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Why Doesn't Wren Insurance Market Low Prices?

It seems that everyone who sells insurance is focused on telling you they have the lowest price. Everywhere you look, it’s “Save 15%” or “Average Customers Saved $500” or “Name Your Own Price”. Are these effective...

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How On Earth Did My Insurance Agent Get These Numbers?

The first time you see the value your insurance agent has placed on your home, you might cry a little. That’s because the number is probably nowhere near what you paid for your home, or what it is worth on the market....

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Flood Insurance - What You Need to Know

There have been recent changes to flood insurance. The following is a brief overview on flood insurance and what you need to know in 2015. One of the most important things to know is that damage from flooding is...

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Why Should a Stay-at-Home Spouse Consider Life Insurance?

Most people understand the importance of term life insurance as it replaces the income of a loved one when they pass away. This is important because even after they pass, the family still has ongoing financial...

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