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What is a 4 point?

It’s either a type of home inspection or a male deer. For insurance purposes we’ll talk about the male deer, I mean the home inspection.

A 4 point inspection covers the four main components of one’s house:

1.) Roof

2.) Electric

3.) HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)

4.) Plumbing

The inspector will make sure these four components are in favorable condition with no hazards and at least five years of life remain on each.

Electrical boxes to watch out for are Federal Pacific (FPE), Sylvania, and Zinsco. These boxes will greatly limit the home’s eligibility with insurance carriers. One can think of these as the Pit bulls of all electrical boxes. If one has any of these boxes and a Pit bull, hide them in the back next to the trampoline.

If the home is over 30 years old, one should have a 4 point inspection completed to help with the eligibility of insurance companies. Our agency strives to shop with every company available to ensure the client will get the best bang for their buck (reference back to intro).

Another common home inspection is the wind mitigation (not to be confused with wind litigation). Wind litigation is a lawsuit against the wind, which has probably been attempted.

A wind mitigation inspection is going to help with discounts towards the wind portion of a premium. If one is purchasing an older home that has had the roof updated since 2002, then it would be a good idea to contact an inspector about obtaining this inspection. Also, if the inspection verifies there was a permit pulled during the roof replacement, the roof will automatically qualify for the Florida Building Code discount.

These are the two most common and useful inspections for insurance purposes. These can help us determine eligibility with the carriers, as well as ensure our clients will receive the available discounts when purchasing home insurance. Let us help you decide if this would be beneficial for your policy.