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The 3 Types of Insurance Inspections

The purchase of homeowners insurance can be a daunting task.  For many homeowners, part of this process requires that inspections be completed before the insurance can be priced.  There are several types of home inspections available, but not all are suitable and/or required by the insurance companies.  There are also many inspectors to choose from, however, not all inspectors provide quality inspections. 

There are three types of inspections your insurance agent might ask you to provide.  Below I will highlight the information we are looking for in these inspections. 

Four Point Inspection:  This is typically needed for homes 30 years or older.  This inspection looks at the Roof, Electric, HVAC, & Plumbing.   The year of the latest update for each system should be listed.  If the update year is unknown, the inspector should offer an estimated date. The current condition and life expectancy of the system should also be listed. The brand of electric panel, type of electrical wiring, type of shingle (3-tab vs architectural), and age of the hot water heater is required on all four point inspections. In addition to this information, the inspector is required to take photos to document the information he/she has provided. A 4 point inspection should not provide any information outside of these four points. If the inspection references appliances, windows, carpeting, gutters, etc... this may be a full home inspection and should not be provided to your insurance company.

Roof Certification Inspection:  This inspection is needed to prove age, condition, and life expectance of a roof.  This is the same information listed on the roof section of the 4 point inspection.  Additional photos of the roof are required with this inspection. 

Wind Mitigation Inspection: The age of the roof is important.  If no permit was pulled, ask your inspector to estimate the year of last update.  If the date is left blank, I have to assume the roof is original which could make the home ineligible for coverage.  For more info on wind mitigations, look here http://www.wreninsuranceagency...

The inspector you hire is as important as the information provided in their inspections. Always research and read reviews before you select an inspector. The inspector you choose should have your best interest in mind and should communicate his/her findings directly to you. At Wren Insurance Agency we value our business partners who share our same values.  For this reason, we recommend our customers hire Honor Constructions Services for any of their inspection needs. 

If you have any questions about insurance inspections you may need, feel free to contact us!