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Why Doesn't Wren Insurance Market Low Prices?

It seems that everyone who sells insurance is focused on telling you they have the lowest price. Everywhere you look, it’s “Save 15%” or “Average Customers Saved $500” or “Name Your Own Price”. Are these effective marketing messages? Absolutely. Getting a competitive price on insurance is very important, but this is not something we like to focus on. In fact, we don’t market our prices at all. Why? Because while it is important to have a competitive price, we think it is secondary to your protection. After all, what is insurance all about? It’s about paying a little bit of money (premium) to make sure you are taken care of when you need help. This could be after a car accident, an injury, a house fire, hurricane damage, or a law suit. When these events occur, people rarely worry about how much their premium costs. Rather, they worry about how good their insurance is. So while every insurance policy has some fine print, and not every single claim can always be covered, we strive to offer you the benefits of the right protection first, and the price second.

Ultimately, we are in the business of taking care of people. Let us take care of you!