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Don’t Cut Out Insurance!

The Coronavirus has affected all of us is so many different ways. For some, the impact has been physical in their health. For some, the impact has been mental in their emotional well-being. For others, the impact has been financial causing them to create a stricter budget. No matter how COVID-19 has altered your life, we want to stress the importance of not letting your insurance slip through the cracks. Throughout all the many levels of priorities that we each hold dear we all need to make sure that our insurance does not get lost or forgotten, for there is great danger in becoming and/or remaining uninsured.

When considering our priorities we all tend to lean towards whatever will save us money and time – these are our two most valuable resources. When we choose to make our decisions through this mental framework we often are quick to assume what activities take more money and time and which do not. Unfortunately, insurance has the stigma of being both expensive and time consuming, but this is not reality! Insurance is extremely unique to each individual and their specific assets, needs, and budget. When you work with an independent agent, like Wren Insurance, you are able to save both your time and your money. We are able to sit down and meet with you, discuss your insurance needs and goals, and what budget you are looking to stay under. Then we are able to shop all of the top providing insurance companies in the state for you and present you with the best deals of both protection and value. Not only can this save you money, but it also saves you the time of researching, shopping, and tracking down all the answers to your questions (or calling a random call center and having to wait on hold only to be connected with someone who isn’t able to assist you and your situation). Whenever you want a quote, a requote, a price comparison or even just a question answered our team is always here to speak with and work with you to help you solve whatever problem or concern you may be facing.

Now that we have the time and money concerns out of the way, what about the question of why is insurance necessary? This may seem like an obvious question to some, but you might be surprised how many individuals do not view insurance as a necessity. Some people simply view insurance as unimportant until tragedy strikes or a storm comes, and then it is important. Others view some insurance policies as more important than others, so as long as they have the “big ones”, (like home insurance), they can skip the “small ones”, (like auto and life). This is another common misconception, and at Wren we try to stress the importance of any and all policies that you and your loved ones qualify for with your unique set of interests, needs and assets. The dangers of facing a storm without flood insurance, getting into a car accident without auto insurance, or facing the unthinkable without life insurance are so very serious, and we want to help you avoid complete financial/physical ruin in the process.

We are all for saving you time and money by providing you with the highest value of service and insurance expertise that we can, not by cutting corners or leaving you and your family unprotected. Please reach out today to find out how we might be able to help you fit insurance into your ever-growing schedule and let us make life easier for you.