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How to Shop for Your Valentine: A Gift Giving Guide

       Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the day than to give a special gift to express your love for that special someone (which can totally be yourself by the way – you’re awesome). For this article Team Wren has gone out into the community and found some of the best in Valentine’s Day expertise, so we are confident that this guide will help you find that perfect gift for your sweetheart.

        Depending on who you are shopping for, jewelry might be a great gift for the occasion. When shopping for that perfect gem it can be difficult to know what to look for, and how to find it; this is especially true when shopping for diamonds. Locally, we have an amazing location that is more than willing to help you out with your Valentine’s Day needs: Sullivan’s S&S Jewelers. They were willing to educate us on how to best shop for a diamond and here is what we learned:

  • Color
    • The term color here is less about the presence of color and more about the absence of it. In other words, the absence of color is what reflects a higher value diamond. Crystal clear is what you are looking for, and this can only truly be assessed when comparing the stone in question to “masterstones of established color value.” The important thing to note here is that the color differences are often undetectable to you or me, which is where jewelers’ expertise and trained eyes come in.
  • Clarity
    • The term clarity refers to the quality of a diamond in terms of how many blemishes or natural characteristics it holds. Since diamonds are natural stones, they hold both “internal characteristics called ‘inclusions’ and external characteristics called ‘blemishes.’” The presence and position of these natural characteristics has a great effect on the value of a diamond. These inclusions and blemishes are, again, very difficult to detect unless trained to assess diamond quality.
  • Cut
    • While the popular definition of this term is the shape of a diamond, the technical definition is actually “how well a diamond’s facets interact with light.” The quality of a diamond’s cut is also a major factor in determining value, and the GIA Cut Grading System deeply evaluates all components that affect this process of assessment (check it out to learn more!).
  • Carat Weight
    • Now this term people tend to be more familiar with. Mae West said it best, “I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.” While we refer to carats as essentially the size of a diamond, they are actually more specifically referring to the weight of a diamond. That being said, the higher the carat weight the bigger the diamond.
  • Commitment:
    • Now this is the “5th C” that differentiates S&S from other jewelers. This is why they are one of the experts in our area, and why they agreed to help us learn more about giving an amazing Valentine’s Day gift J  

If you want to learn more about diamonds, jewelry, or how this team of professionals can help you this Valentine’s Day, then go check out their website! After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

        If jewelry isn’t your gift of choice, florists are also known for their spectacular creations this time of year. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans planned on spending nearly $2 billion on flowers in 2019 for Valentine’s Day, and that number is only forecasted to rise for this year’s festivities. A local powerhouse for floral arrangements in our area is Violets In Bloom in Melbourne, Florida. They stock their store with unique flowers to create customized floral arrangements for any person, event, business, or home. They have both loose flowers for DIY arrangements or a committed team of experts who will hand pick and design an arrangement for whatever occasion you request. The cool gift idea here is not only flowers for one day, but for every month of the year! That’s right, you can get an annual flower subscription – how cool is that?! Their work is truly amazing and is perfect for your loved one on Valentine’s Day!

        You know who else is an amazing Valentine’s Day expert in our area? YOU. You know your valentine better than anyone else, and heartfelt gifts often gain the largest support and appreciation. A hand written note, a hand drawn picture, or even a framed picture can go a long way in the feelings department. Another great outlet is online creation sites that will create customized products with your anniversary date, picture, names, (or anything else you can think of), such as Etsy. Trust your gut, you know what to give ;)

         We hope this gift giving guide was helpful and that you learned as much as we did! Whether you use Valentine’s Day to treat your loved ones or treat yourself, this guide is a guaranteed way to make sure everyone feels the love! And let’s all remember…you can never go wrong with just a box chocolate ;)