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FAQ: COVID-19 & Insurance

The Coronavirus has brought up many questions for all of us and affected so many different areas of life. We want to assure you that we understand whatever concerns you may have in regards to your insurance, and wanted to take a moment to answer some questions that you may have. 

How is COVID-19 affecting the servicing of my current policies?

  • Simple: it’s not! Your current policies are not being affected by the current times, and neither is the claims process. As long as your house and personal belongings don’t randomly decide to catch the Coronavirus, you should be good! 

Can I still acquire a new policy during this time?

  • Yes! Insurance companies as well as your agents are still hard at work, and ready to provide you with excellent service to meet your needs. Whether you need new quotes on auto, homeowners, or just want to re-shop your current policies, reach out to us and we will happily discuss your options! 

Since my business is closed and/or slow due to COVID-19, will my commercial liability policy premium go down?

  • Some carriers are allowing for up to a 25% decrease in sales exposure. Your account will still be subject to an audit at the end of the term; however, the reduction in exposure has helped many businesses financially in the meantime. Contact us to see what options are available via your specific carrier. 

How are insurance companies responding to COVID-19?

  • Many insurance companies are responding to the Coronavirus with helping hands and a sense of understanding towards their clients. In terms of your insured vehicles, many auto insurance companies are offering refunds and other financial accommodations to assist policyholders during this time. In terms of your home, many carriers are offering suspended nonpayment cancellations if your policy was cancelled due to nonpayment during COVID-19. There are also many companies offering different premium billing options in order to work with clients to meet their present financial circumstances. Many carriers are also temporarily suspending interior inspections in relation to your homeowner’s policy. Perhaps the most important thing that insurance companies are doing in response to COVID-19 is working remotely. All of our underwriters, as well as all of our agents, are currently working remotely and committed more than ever to being there for our clients. Contact us to see if you qualify for any refunds or adjustments.

What’s the quickest way to reach us?

We are more available than ever! Our team is working remotely so we are not currently available for face to face interactions; however, we are working our normal business hours (9am-5pm) and are still available 😊

We have been protecting our clients through uncertain times for over 40 years, and although the present times are unprecedented, we are confident in our ability to conquer whatever circumstances we are faced with. We are committed to being here for our clients when they need us most, and our current reality will not change that.