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Why HOAs and Condo Boards Need "Crime Coverage"

Crime Coverage - also known as a "Fidelity Bond" or "Fidelity Guarantee," is a form of insurance coverage that protects against fraudulent acts - like embezzlement - committed by Board Members or Property Managers in a...

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Why is My Home Insurance Premium So Different From My Neighbor's?

Home insurance rate fluctuations are making the news weekly it seems - especially here in Florida. Many private insurers are fleeing the state and Citizens is working to offload some of their client roster and get back...

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Why Permitted Home Repairs are Important!

When it comes to home repairs, improvements and additions, we know there is some confusion as to whether permits are required by a licensed contractor. In a challenging economy - such as the one many of us experienced...

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Have You Recently Received a Letter from Citizens Insurance?

Within the past few months, you may have been one of 300,000 Florida homeowners that received a letter from your current home insurance carrier, State-backed Citizens Insurance. As you may be aware, Citizens was created...

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