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Summer Safety Travel Tips

We are officially in summer, folks! With the kids being out of school for a couple months, this is the perfect time for family vacations. I wanted to give you some tips to help you build lasting memories safely.

First, review all of your insurance policies prior to heading out. Do you know what your coverages and limitations are? Is everything updated on your policies, like vehicles and drivers? Do you have roadside assistance in case of a break down? Do you have rental car coverage in case you are in an accident and need to get home? Also, what are your deductibles for both your home and auto policies?

Did you know, according to the National Safety Council, 1 in 4 accidents involve cell phone use? I can tell you, just from driving experience, that I have seen all ages and types of drivers on their cell phones scrolling or texting while driving on all kinds of roads, including 95! Sending or reading texts will take your eye off of the road for about 5 seconds which is enough time to drive the length of a football field going 55 mph!  If you are on a road trip, please use your passengers as your co-captain. Have them check the maps, text messages you may receive and also let them be your personal DJ for the drive. Also, don’t wait to fill up until you are on empty as there may not be a gas station for several miles. This will prevent you from being stuck on the side of the road waiting for roadside assistance to bring you gas, putting you at a higher risk for an accident. Last but not least, know your liability and property damage limits. The average cost of bodily injury claims has risen nearly 40% in the last 10 years. Florida’s state minimum requirement of $10,000 per person, $20,000 per accident is low and leaves you at a high risk for a lawsuit if you injure someone.

While you are away, try not to give too many details on social media making your empty home a target for theft and vandalism. Most home insurance policies have limits for theft on items like jewelry, furs, guns, personal documents and money. If you have a lot of these items or pieces that are specifically worth more you may want to look into scheduling them on your policy or obtaining a separate policy.  Also, take measures to safe guard your home while you are gone. Some people turn the water off at the main when they leave so that if a pipe were to burst you would not come home to a flood in your house. If you are planning on being gone for more than two weeks, have someone check on your home as this can help prevent more damage if a loss occurs. Most insurance companies have a 14 day limitation to cover water damage whether seen or unseen. Lastly, in case you didn’t know, you do have coverage for your personal property while it is traveling with you. Just make sure if it is stolen or damaged that it meets and exceeds your deductible before filing the claim.

We hope these tips help to put you at ease for your summer get-aways! If you have an specific questions on your policies, contact us and we would be happy to help!