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Pool Safety Tips for the Summer

Bekah Preset Jun 15 2018 As we welcome the warmer weather, we start venturing into the numerous outdoor activities available. With one of these activities being the refreshing swimming pool right in your back yard, if you are so lucky to have one. However, Winston Churchill said it... more

What is Animal Liability Insurance?

Bekah Preset Mar 20 2018 Animal liability insurance provides you with liability coverage if your dog were to bite/injure another person and they sue you for their injuries. If you do not have animal liability coverage on your homeowners insurance policy, or on a separate liability... more

Back To School: Ready or not?

Bekah Preset Jul 21 2017 As fall approaches, we notice more changes occur than just the colors of leaves (with the exception of Florida of course!). Fall means your children are returning to school, maybe going off to college, or there may be new teen driver in the household. While... more

April Showers Bring...Flooding!

Bekah Preset Mar 31 2017 We all know the saying, April showers bring May flowers, but what happens when the showers don’t stop? Flooding, that’s what! I like to tell people flooding is considered rising water and can be caused by continuous rainfall, hurricanes, and backed-up or... more

Burglar-Proof Your Home For The Holidays

Bekah Preset Dec 2 2016 Your home is one of your most valuable assets. It is also most vulnerable during the holiday season! This is why you should be sure to take as many precautions to protect your home as you are able. Below are just a few ideas you may wish to consider prior to... more

Understanding Your Auto Coverage

Bekah Preset Sep 30 2016 Everyone who drives is required by law to carry auto insurance, but when many people look at their policy, they are confused by the coverage types and numbers. Understanding what the terms and numbers on your auto policy mean is vital to ensuring you have... more

Brave The Wave

Bekah Preset Jul 22 2016 After a tsunami struck Japan in 2011, we heard a great deal about storm surges and tsunamis. While one is similar to the other, it is important to know the differences between each and how to best prepare for them. Storm Surge and Storm Tide A storm surge is... more

Common Florida storms and what you should know...

Bekah Preset May 13 2016 If you live in Florida, there is no doubt that you’ve heard about hurricanes, tropical storms, and tropical depressions, but do you really know what each one is? Here’s a mini tutorial from the NOAA website: Tropical Depressions “A tropical depression is an... more

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