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Bekah Preset by Bekah Preset on Dec 2, 2016

Your home is one of your most valuable assets. It is also most vulnerable during the holiday season! This is why you should be sure to take as many precautions to protect your home as you are able. Below are just a few ideas you may wish to consider prior to going on vacation for the holidays.

  • Lock all your doors and windows to your home. This is the first and most convenient way to protect your home. Not all burglars will stop at a locked door, but it may provide just enough time for a neighbor to call the police.
  • Get to know your neighbors. Your neighbors can keep an eye on your home while you are away and inform you if they see any strangers lurking around your property. Also, ask if your neighbor will pick up your mail to make your home look lived in while you are on vacation. A pile of newspapers on your driveway or a full mailbox will inform a burglar you aren’t home and you are an easy target.
  • Keep your home well-lit. There are lights that you can set on a timer to turn on and off which makes it look like you are home for both the interior and exterior. You can also purchase motion sensor exterior lighting.
  • Install a home security system. There are systems available that will sound alarms when a burglar enters as well as systems that are centrally monitored and will dispatch the police to your home. Also, there are security systems that provide surveillance cameras so you are able to monitor your home from your smart phone while you are away. Keep in mind, you may receive additional discounts on your homeowners insurance by purchasing a monitored security system for your home. Contact us for additional information!
  • Place security stickers or signs in your windows or yard. Even if you are unable to purchase a security system, by placing the sign in your yard this may make a burglar leave your home alone.

These are just a few tips on how to burglar-proof your home for the holidays; feel free to leave additional ideas in the comments! We wish you a merry and safe Christmas!

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