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Black Friday, the Wren Way!

from Wren Insurance Agency

Tiffany Grundy by Tiffany Grundy on Nov 24, 2015

If you are like me, then you love finding a good deal and Black Friday (or Brown Thursday in most cases) is the day to find it! Did you know that according to the Consumer Electronics Association one in three Americans go shopping on Black Friday? If that is you, please take a moment to read some great tips to get the best and safest Black Friday shopping experience.

Make a plan- It is very easy to get caught up in all of the lights and signs everywhere leaving you broke and exhausted!

  • Check online and see if there are limits to the items you are looking for, what time the store opens the doors, and if you can buy online and skip the wait.
  • Fill up your gas tank, you never know where the adventures may take you and you don’t want to get stuck on the side of the road with a trunk full of goodies!
  • Decide how you are going to pay and how much you want to spend, that way your husband won’t make you return it all because you over did it!
  • Don’t forget to charge your cell phone; you will need it for directions, emergencies, store maps, and selfies of course!

Watch out for crazy drivers- People are in a rush and the stores will be hectic. It’s okay to be “that guy” who parks all the way in the back so he doesn’t get a scratch on his car!

  • Be sure to take your time and pay close attention when looking for a parking spot, there will be a lot of cars and people walking around.
  • Park in a well lit area, safety first!
  • Put all of the items you buy in the trunk, and don’t forget to lock your car.
  • Always have your keys ready when walking to your vehicle.

“What if I get stuck on the side of the road or someone steals my stuff?” you ask-

  • Make sure you have roadside assistance coverage, its super cheap and very handy!
  • If you have Premier Roadside Assistance with Travelers, you have up to $500 in personal property coverage for items stolen out of your vehicle. (If you don’t have that, give us a call, we can add it to your policy for just a few dollars a month!)
  • Did you know that most homeowner’s policies cover a percentage of your personal property outside of your home?

Lastly, have fun shopping and enjoy the experience! Get yourself a latte and shop with some friends. It’s no fun shopping alone!

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